Day #7

Accomplishment of the day

So in this picture is my door. I made a contract with my family that I do a list of 5 events everyday to help me get in the rhythm of doing everyday things (like showering, eating, etc) on other days, there are other events I can do that will give me more points. (like laundry, picking up, etc)

I start off with 100 points. for every event done, its +10, for every one not done its -10. The goal is to get +1050 a week. (sun-thurs) For not meeting the goal, I get a punishment, for meeting it, I get rewards. (the rewards are special games with the kids, and some of the punishments mean no laptop of going out on weekends, which is why fir-sat are not there as I leave during the weekends) there is also a mental health scale 1=worst ive felt 10=best. the whole house knows if I am 3 or under, it is a danger alert and actions must be taken.

there is a whole contract and explanation paper with this entire thing. it is signed and on my door. It starts today and I am very happy with this, and I am hoping to get my friends into it to. :) so my accomplishment of the day is getting this started, because it will help me with recovery.